Lucky 7 Nail Oil

I personally vouch for Lucky 7 Nail Oil. It’s the only nail oil I use. I garden and do a lot of yard work so my nails are constantly trashed. Lucky 7 Nail Oil has been the only product that alleviates my dried out nails and cuticles.

Lucky 7 Nail Oil is a nail and cuticle oil that will get rid of hangnails, splitting, peeling and fraying of nails with daily use.

Lucky 7 Nail Oil

Why You Might Consider a Professional Painter for Home Projects

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard it mentioned on HGTV or home improvement articles that the cheapest and easiest way to update a space is with paint. But, it’s not always a DIY project, things like bullnose corners, straight lines, and hiding imperfections are old hat to pros like, hingham painters. Sure, few hours to a couple of days of labor can render a jaw dropping transformation for very little investment, or it could leave you with crooked lines, paint that bled through the tape, and realizing you should have gone with flat instead of semi-gloss finish.

Picking the right color scheme for your interior requires a certain amount of bravery and creativity. People can be afraid of color. I always tell myself that it can always be repainting – then I jump in and go for it. Which is why I didn’t bat an eye painting a wall “Cherry Cobbler Red” or my family room “Chocolate Brown Sprinkles.” Not everyone will agree with your choices, but you are the only one who has to live in your home, so you might as well choose a color that makes you happy, right? Unfortunately, envisioning a color on a wall isn’t enough to ensure a positive paint job.

There are many reasons it might be a good idea to a hire professional interior painter. Have you ever tried to paint up to a bullnose corner? I have, it’s not easy. Where do you stop? How do you match it up to another color? Fact is, a professional painter has done it all before. They have tricks of the trade, techniques, and are familiar with the type of paint to use in a given situation. .

It’s true, painting a room can be a DIY project, but if you don’t have the time, aren’t sure how to start, or have a complicated open floorplan that makes figuring out where a color should start or stop, it’s probably time to call in a professional. And, don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients. Get referrals from friends and family, too. Most importantly, get the job done right.

Moroccan Berber Rugs – An Overview

The tradition of rug making in Morocco goes back thousands of years. First woven for their utility, now Berber rugs are prized for their authenticity and are popular in Western modernist interior design. Beni Ourain rugs are one of the most sought after Moroccan rug styles the world over. Beni Ourain rugs are characterized by brown or black geometric patterns against a natural white or cream background.

The Beni Ourain is a group of Berber people that have long resided in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Consisting of seventeen different tribes, the Beni Ourain people are traditionally semi-nomadic shepherds and goad herders. These people began creating rugs from the wool of their sheep for practical purposes many, many years ago. Although they are now used almost exclusively as floor coverings, Beni Ourain rugs were originally made to provide warmth as blankets or bedspreads. This, as well as the superior quality of the wool, is one of the reasons that authentic Beni Ourain rugs are so soft and luxurious.

The craft of rug making is traditionally passed down from mother to daughter in Moroccan culture. Each rug is woven by hand in a time consuming and careful process. Since no pattern is followed each Beni Ourain rug is entirely unique. These Berber women historically wove records of their lives into the rugs. Universal themes of birth and death, fertility and nature, and rural life as well as tribal and religious symbols were all expertly crafted into their rugs. The geometric designs and symbols varied from tribe to tribe and even artisan to artisan. Each Beni Ourain rug is a unique piece of folk art.

The Western world took notice of Berber rugs during the mid-twentieth century when designers such as Le Corbusier, Ame Jacobsen, and Marcel Breuer began using them. The primitivism of these rugs added depth and dimension to the sleek geometric shapes found in modernist décor. Since their introduction into Western interior design, Beni Ourain rugs have remained popular with designers and regular homeowners alike.

The popularity of Berber rugs has endured no doubt because of their beautiful texture and stunning simplicity. Yet their versatility makes these rugs a friendly, yet sophisticated, addition to any room. The carpet’s cream color base brightens and opens living spaces – a design feature that is prized in current design trends. The neutral colors coordinate with a variety of contrasting or matching hues, while the geometric patterns somehow make these ancient rugs relevant to modern design aesthetics.

Traditionally, Moroccan carpets were no wider than 213 centimeters or seven feet. Now, authentic Berber rugs can be obtained in a variety of sizes making them suited to all different room sizes. For example, a Beni Ourain rug would make an excellent focal point for a high ceilinged living space. Or a smaller rug could add style to a master suite.

An investment in a Beni Ourain rug is an investment for a lifetime. They possess a rich history and remain highly sought after in the present. No doubt these beautiful floor coverings will remain a prize possession far into the future. Click here for further details.