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Lottawatah Fireworks by Evelyn David, Brianna Sullivan mystery

Lottawatah Fireworks by Evelyn David

I’m still addicted to the Brianna Sullivan mysteries by Evelyn David. I happened upon the first novel last year and quickly plowed through all the sequels and have waited for the next book in the series, Lottawatah Fireworks to become available.

Then I plowed through that one as well. I even tried to stop myself by carefully monitoring how much of the book I had left on my Kindle. No dice, once I start reading something I love I can’t put it down and such is the case with the Brianna Sullivan mysteries.

In case you are unfamiliar, these stories are based around Brianna Sullivan, a psychic, who ends up in Lottawatah, Oklahoma when her motorhome breaks down. Brianna ends up staying in Lottawatah far longer than she expects encountering mystery after mystery and catching the eye of a local police officer. Between the mysteries and her new boyfriend, Brianna finds herself, mostly willingly, stuck in Lottawatah surrounded by eccentric locals, quirky characters, and the occasional mid-west type hell bent on believing Brianna is more witch and less psychic. It’s fun going along with Brianna’s “fish out of water” experiences as she genuinely tries to help solve various mysteries around town and often finding herself in dangerous situations.

These stories are quirky and funny with just the right amount of suspense beginning with the novel, I Try Not To Drive Past Cemeteries. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. 🙂