Christmas Party Frog

Every year I seem to find another broken ornament. I keep them in a gift box in one of our Christmas totes because I swear one year I might sit down and fix them all. But, this year I’m thinking of new Christmas decorations that I might be able to create with broken ornaments.

Some of my thoughts have included: a wreath, garland, and filling a clear container with ornaments. The last idea seems like a great way to display them while sort of camouflaging the broken aspects. Any ideas?

ANYway… back to the week’s theme, Christmas ornaments!

Christmas Frog Ornament

This is Maggie’s first Christmas ornament, it’s called Christmas Party Frog. When I was pregnant with Maggs I was put on bed rest and there was a good chance that she might arrive around Christmas (she ended up arriving on New Year’s Day) there was no way one of my children was not going to have a Christmas ornament, so I bought Maggie’s frog ornament just in case.

Maggie’s nursery was frogs and roses. Mike loved frogs as a kid and I love roses so it seemed like a great combination. This little Christmas party frog is one of my favorite ornaments, even if my little frog didn’t arrive until a week after Christmas!

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