Christmas Projects and Holiday Crafting

There is nothing like Christmas projects, whether your thing is making candy, knitting, or gingerbread houses. I love how Christmas inspires so many people to whip up homemade goodies. Katie and I seem to constantly be making something in the kitchen, knitting, or planning a trip to the craft store for new Christmas projects. After all, nothing says Christmas quite like maniacal crafting complete with delirious giggles and copious amounts of modge podge and glitter spray, if my last holiday art project was any indication.

If it is the thought and effort that counts than nothing says homemade Christmas projects like 3 broken fingernails and roughly a dozen hot glue gun burns, right? 😉

We’ve made and eaten two batches of fudge. I know, it seems excessive, but the first batch of fudge of the season is always the experimental batch that is usually eaten out of the pan with a spoon to ensure the quality of the next batch. It’s a sacrifice, but someone has to make it. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be standing over the stove leaving ourselves vulnerable to horrific burns from molten saucepans of sugar to make the perfect batch of toffee. Again, all that sacrificing and tasting I do for the sake of the season and Christmas projects.

Kate and I also have plans to experiment with a batch of white chocolate peppermint fudge… ridiculous, decadent and incredibly indulgent, in short, Christmas.

Although, I do have a few projects that are unfinished and waiting for me to get back to them. I have valances I am making for the family room that are currently on hold, somehow they got lost between decorating for fall and Christmas. I really should have worked on them over the summer when I was stuck under the air conditioning anyway. Then there are the furniture projects I have planned and the front door that I am planning on repainting.

But, the valley is currently locked in with this damp, gray weather that is typical for December the outdoor projects are definitely on the shelf for another day. Gone are the blue skies and bright sunshine of fall and here is the constant misting from the dreary sky above. It seems like everything is constantly wet outside and there is no real rain or storm to speak of, it certainly isn’t gardening weather! Unless, one is willing to risk slipping on the damp concrete or grass and busting one’s rear end. I am not willing to make that sacrifice. Indoor projects are the only alternative and preferably Christmas projects that can be done in front of the fireplace and a good holiday movie.

A lot of great blogs out there are posting pictures of holiday crafts and Christmas projects. If you aren’t following An Oregon Cottage you are really missing out. My latest favorite post is on how to make a wool pom-pom wreath. It’s so pretty and classic looking!

Good luck with the glue guns, mercury glass spray paint, and ginormous vats of fudge and Christmas jelly, people! May your Christmas projects all turn out beautifully and may not a single burn be found on your fingertips!

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  1. Marti_L

    Mmmm…fudge!  I remember those dreary valley winters though – yucky!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

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