Christmas Traditions and a Special Chili Pepper

I love Christmas traditions and the older I get the more I appreciate them. I love how my older kids have these memories of doing the same things every year around the holidays and how it really seems to mean something to them.

One of our traditions is collecting Christmas ornaments. Each year I pick out special ornaments for my kids and it usually has revolves around their current interests or experiences that year. When they were really tiny I chose ornaments that reminded me of their personalities at the time. I thought it would be fun to spend a week sharing different ornaments and memories with you.

Chili pepper Christmas ornament

This is the chili pepper ornament I bought for Mike, Christmas 2003 when I was pregnant with Maggie. I had spent most of my pregnancy craving bacon and really spicy things. One of my favorite things were super spicy, boneless buffalo wings. The spicier and tangier the better. It didn’t take too long before Mike began calling Maggie, “Chili Pepper” and it seemed appropriate to commemorate that memory with a chili pepper Christmas ornament that year.