Election Day and The Liar’s Tongue

I voted. Happily, confidently, and hopefully. I have done my part as a citizen and researched all of my choices carefully. As a little girl I remember my grandmother explaining the voting process to me. She described to me how you voted, that you went into a booth with a curtain and you made your choices carefully, quietly, and, most importantly, in secret. It had an air of mystery and reverence about it in the way she described it. I even knew where she voted.

One thing I did not know was who my grandparents voted for because they both told me that voting was a personal, private thing and you didn’t go around telling people who you were supporting with your vote. In short, my grandparents had class, dignity and a genuine respect for their responsibilities as Americans. I’ve always been extremely proud of that and I’m proud to have been a part of the election process this year.

It disappoints me to see how divided our country is and to know that politics has ruined friendships and even divided families. Thomas Jefferson said, “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” If ever someone had a reason to lose friends… well, let’s not delve too deeply into Mr.Jefferson, even though he made an excellent point.

In such a volatile world with so much uncertainty, the different opinions that lead to these divisions, angry feelings, and sadly, even violence are very much why I wish more people had the attitude my grandparents had. When you are willing to win at any cost, sacrifice your integrity, ethics, and honesty – well, if you had them to begin with, you tarnish the very rights you claim to protect and support. That’s not patriotism, it’s something else entirely and it isn’t pretty. And, guess what?

Win or lose, tomorrow morning you are going to drive past people that voted differently than you, you are going to stand behind them in line at the grocery store, they are teachers, policeman, your neighbor, your cousin, the friend you went to school with, and your husband’s co-worker. Tomorrow morning life goes on and all the hatred and ugliness over the last year can’t be undone and we all still have to share this planet and this country.

Liar's Tongue by Allison M. Dickson, Election Day 2012Appropriately, the book deal of the day at Hobbes End Publishing is “Liar’s Tongue” by Allison M. Dickson. I haven’t read many of Allison’s books, but I know her on Facebook and the woman has a sharp wit and a keen intellect, in short, my kind of gal. I’m adding some of her titles to my Kindle today and looking forward to reading more of Allison’s work.

Today you can pick up Liar’s Tongue for .99 on Kindle – who wouldn’t dig a deal like that! Besides, if you are in one of those long lines waiting to vote, you couldn’t have more appropriate reading material, right?

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Good luck, I hope you vote, I hope you do so with dignity, grace, and privacy.