Mahi Tacos, Off the Grill and Absolutely Amazing!

Mahi tacos… I know, I know, it’s September. Fall is on its way or has already arrived in your neck of the woods and it’s possible that fish tacos or tacos of any sort aren’t on your list as contenders for upcoming meals. Out here in our part of California we’re still experiences temps in the mid-90’s and we’re still slinging dinner off the grill on the patio. In this case, we’re slinging Mahi tacos.

Grilled Mahi TacosOne of our favorite quick and easy meals is Mahi Tacos. Right up there with our cedar plank shrimp. That picture really doesn’t do it justice, especially because you can’t see the mahi in there, but trust me, this is amazing and super easy.

We actually buy Mahi filets for our fish tacos from Costco and they are individually portioned. This makes it pretty easy to figure out how much you will need. We usually do about 1 filet per person because a filet will make 2-3 tacos. Sidenote – the leftovers are great on top of a salad.

Marinate the Mahi in some lemon or lime juice and what Mike refers to as his “special seasoning” which is half seasoned salt and half chili powder. He keeps this mixed up in a bottle in the spice cabinet all ready to go and uses it on chicken and fish. Throw in some ground cumin and it makes killer quick asada taco seasoning as well.

While your fish is marinating, shred up some cabbage (purple or white or a combo of both is great) and make your special fish taco sauce.

Herdez Salsa Verde

Fish Taco Sauce:

1 small can Herdez Salsa Verde
1/2 cup plain yogurt

Mix 1/2 can of Salsa with yogurt, stir to combine completely, should be fairly runny, if not, add more salsa. This ends up making about a cup of sauce and works well for about 4 people.

Grill up your Mahi filets or pan sear them until done. Slice lengthwise into thirds or halves if you have smaller filets. These fit perfectly into a corn tortilla.

Warm your corn tortilla, drop in a slice of Mahi, squeeze a fresh lime wedge over it, top with shredded cabbage and sauce.

If you like it spicy I highly recommend a dash or so of Tapatio` hot sauce.

And, for those that like their recipes all normal-ish looking, here ya go:

Grilled Mahi Tacos

Mahi filets (appx. 1 per person)
Corn tortillas
Fresh limes
shredded cabbage (I use 1/2 a head for 4 people)
1/2 c. plain yogurt
1/2 can of Herdez Salsa Verde
Seasoning Salt
Chili Powder

Season filets with lime juice and a mixture of equal parts seasoning salt and chili powder. Let marinate while you prep other ingredients.

Mix yogurt and salsa verde, set aside.

Shred cabbage.

Grill or pan sear filets until done. Slice into halves or thirds.

Warm tortillas.

Build tacos. 🙂