I Live with a Mad Genius Type

Maggie is a multi-tasking mad genius when she wants to be. I noticed this one night when I was in the front yard and saw the glow coming from her bedroom window. Upon further investigation I found her with earbuds firmly in place and connected to an ipod, a lap top on her lap as she searched for help on a video game she attempted to master, the soft glow of said game beaming from the television and all of this bathed in the neon light of a lava lamp perched on her dresser. Her room looked like it was utilizing all the juice a Mongolia power plant could muster and then some.

My husband swears she is the youngest teenager on the planet. 8 going on 16, I guess. She wants a motorcycle and a helmet “with flames on it.” Her favorite songs are “Some Beach” by Blake Shelton followed shortly by “Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith.

She’s technologically savvy as long as it benefits her. She is also capable of playing ridiculously dumb when it suits her. She can get this really befuddled look on her face followed by a widening and blinking of those big, blue eyes and for a brief moment almost convince me that she is borderline “special.” Then I recall the look of her sprawled on her bed multi-tasking like the world’s smallest hacker and she realizes she hasn’t fooled me as much as she thinks she has.

She’s been known to pretend she doesn’t know where the silverware drawer is and later I’ll find her unloading the dishwasher in hopes of scoring a favor from Katie. The television remote is completely lost but it’s clear she had it at some point because the tv keeps automatically tuning to every single one of her favorite shows.

She can manage 3 browser windows with multiple tabs at one time but seems to be completely lost when it’s time to switch over to the software she uses to study her spelling words.

I have given up arguing and explaining. I now issue orders and stand there until she sees resistance is futile. Most of the time it works.

Now, if I could just get her to grasp that she doesn’t need to DVR every episode of Dogs 101, SpongeBob SquarePants, and 9 or 10 other shows on the Disney Channel.