It Just Can’t Be Monday…

I am exhausted and not the good kind of exhausted that comes from a weekend of excitement, adventure and debauchery either.

Maggie came down with a stomach virus over the weekend and I’ve been up for most of the last two nights. Today everyone is back to school and work (including myself) and Maggie is propped up with pillows on the couch recuperating from her delirious weekend.

I distinctly recall having some funny things to blog about today but the lack of sleep has completely wiped them from my memory. Maybe I’ll remember later, perhaps after a spicy Bloody Mary and a nap. Who knows?

And, it rained yesterday, mostly the wind blew and made my trees bend over into terrible looking contorted shapes. The rabbits disappeared completely yesterday and this morning were out and about in the sun shine looking like they had just exited a bomb shelter after a three day air raid. Funny stuff, really.

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