It’s all about the dress and the shoes… right?

We have been so busy and summer is just flying by that I didn’t really get a chance to recap on the big events of the last school year. Katie graduated last May. I am still in denial over that one. 😉 But, it was such an amazing time, Mike and I are over-the-moon proud of her. She’s been through so much and we were so glad that she got to have a really wonderful senior year.

One of the highlights of Katie’s senior year was the Senior Prom. Senior prom, it’s all about the dress, the shoes, the flowers, and oh yeah, what he’s going to wear factors in there somewhere too.

Katie has such an amazing group of friends, all really great kids with big plans, great families, and they all are so considerate and supportive of one another. It’s a wonderful thing to see your child surrounded by so much positivity. All the plans for prom were carefully made, then carefully dismantled, then made again, then destroyed and on and on went the cycle of the giant group chat blazing up a dozen or so different iphones. It was funny and occasionally frustrating… but in the end, it was amazing.

senior prom, corsage, dress, senior prom picture, prom pictureInstead of the usual cheesy photos we had a close friend of our family, a professional photographer, take pictures of the group, the girls, the dresses, and the flowers. One of Katie’s oldest friends is an aspiring make-up artist and she did a phenomenal job with Katie’s makeup, but then she had perfection to work with so how could the result have been any less than awesome. 😉

More than anything I wanted this to be a memorable experience for Katie. She’s worked so hard throughout her high school career earning college credits long before she even stepped foot on a college campus, she’s been active volunteering in the community, was involved in several great groups supporting equal rights, animal rights, and environmental issues. She’s an absolutely amazing human being. So, her senior prom had to be as close to perfect as we could make it for her.

DressFirst – it’s the big ticket item, the one that makes or breaks the entire night, the prom dress. I wanted to find something vintage and unique on Ebay and I think Katie leaned that direction for a while, until she found this little blue number that looked like a cross between a fairy princess and a greek goddess. The blue color is one of Katie’s favorites, a lovely, watery, turquoise. The dress had just enough shimmer and sparkle and with her red hair she was an absolute vision to behold. The shoes and accessories were probably the easiest part as we paired everything with silver earrings and shoes it couldn’t have been easier.

Late afternoon on the day of the prom the kids met up at Riverwalk where there is a lake and river to take pictures. They had a great Italian dinner and then hopped into a limo headed for the prom. Everything went off without a hitch and our girl looked gorgeous.

It was just a magical night for a wonderful young woman who really deserved it. 🙂

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  1. Trishk

    I am glad she had a great time!! They all looked great but Katie was by far the most beautiful!

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