My Dorky Side Running Wild

We finally have a break in the weather and today is going to be THE DAY.

The day I plant my spinach.

A nice spinach border all the way around my flower bed. Yes, it’s not a traditional bed border, but! It is rabbit friendly and with enough of it I can even make a few salads for myself. Most importantly, it might, JUST MIGHT, keep the flower munching little bastards away from my day lilies. It’s either distraction or braised rabbit. I’m easy either way at this point.

I bought seeds to start my zinnias this year. And, they aren’t just your typical “run down to the home improvement store and pick up a packet of seeds” type of seeds. I bought them at a specialty seed place online and they are supposed to be super special seeds or something like that.

Did I care that they were super special seeds?

Uh, no.

See, I bought them because they had names like:

Cosmos Seashell mixture (Cosmos, not zinnia, I’m not strictly zinnias!)

Zinnia (here was the clincher on that one) Candy Stripe, squee! They have colorful “stripes” on the petals!!

Zinnia Scabious (that sounds nasty) Pastel Mix. A mix! Of pastels!!! Don’t get me wrong I love the deep red orange, yellow, orange, and hot, hot pink of my zinnias last year, but PASTELS!!! The thought excites me, even if they probably won’t be blooming by Easter.

Black Prince Snapdragon – okay, tell me, WHO could NOT love that name? It sounds wickedly mysterious. It’s actually a deep, dark hue that looked sort of like a purple black, but I just looked them up again and I think they might be a super dark red. Either way, I love snapdragons and with all the color in the yard from the zinnias I think a dark snapdragon might be a dramatic touch.

Then I have some Thai peppers and a couple of varieties of basil.

But, the spinach gets planted first. I’m giving the spinach a head start to head off the rabbits and hopefully I won’t have to grill a Cadbury Bunny for Easter.

The thing is, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m going to have to…

invest in some gardening shoes.

And, while the first thing that came to mind were the much dreaded crocs. I decided I just couldn’t bring myself to look at them, much less purchase them. So, I’ve decided on either a pair of rain boots or a couple of places have had shoe versions of rain boots… I might do something like that.

It has to be something I can hose off and leave outside the backdoor.
At least until summer when things dry out a bit more and I can just wear my beloved flip flops and listen to my husband bitch at me for wearing shoes that are “guaranteed to break an ankle and provide absolutely no support whatsoever.”


10 thoughts on “My Dorky Side Running Wild

  1. J.O.

    I really wish I had it in me to do the whole gardening thing. But it all boils down to me being just too lazy for words. That’s ok though because I am secure in my laziness. :rotflmao:

        1. Amy Post author


          See, the guilt I would feel would be overwhelming.

          You can lead a horse to garden but you can’t make him weed and talk nice to the flowers.

  2. Becky

    I so wish I had a green thumb. I have no idea how to even start a garden. I pick out flowers that I like, and attempt to plant them, but then they never grow. Oh well.

    And crocs…I hate them. But, I do wear them at work. They are like little pillows for my feet!!

    Becky’s last blog post..This is Dedicated to……

  3. trishk

    I just planted my cucs, sweet peas, tomatos, bell peppers, and I have some red potatos that are coming up! Now I want spinach, thank you very much!! I am going to have to expand my space.

    We lost a couple of our Plumeria trees this year from the dang freezes here in Florida. 😡 Not completely, but we had to cut them down to the ground, don’t think I will get any flowers this year! :bummed:

    trishk’s last blog post..It’s Finally Here!!

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