She Looks Nothing Like Me…

MaggieDMaggie is like living with a real-life version of Tinkerbell. I’ve said it a million times probably, but Mike loves to say that she is a mix of the two of us which quickly boils down to, “Laugh at my jokes or I’ll kill you.” His sense of humor and my temper. It’s actually a pretty hysterical mix until you make the mistake of laughing when Maggie is attempting to tell you how angry she is with you for whatever you’ve done to offend her.

Recently, I’ve discovered that she has inherited another of my quirks, something far better than my temper, thankfully. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have a knack for remembering voices and faces when it comes to actors on television or in movies. Mike and I were watching Burn Notice the other day and I quickly pointed out that the actor playing an airport security guard also played “Billy the Kid” in “Maverick” with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. I’m the annoying person in the room who points out that it’s Sam Elliott behind the voice of the Dodge Ram commercials or that Tom Selleck is the voice on the “Go RV’ing” commercials. It’s a blessing and a curse. When I recognize something I have to say it. If I recognize a face or voice but can’t place it, it drives me bonkers. Most of the time the family laughs or rolls their eyes. Occasionally, Mike will be slightly impressed.

The other day, Maggie was studying Benjamin Franklin for her history class, which is currently her favorite subject, she absolutely loves early American history and especially anything around the American Revolution. For fun, I put on “Ben and Me” the Disney classic cartoon. Less than a minute in Maggie exclaimed, “OH! That’s the same voice they use for Winnie the Pooh.” In reference to the voice used for Amos the Mouse. She was right, too. And, of course, she was referring to the classic Winnie the Pooh Disney cartoons. A few minutes later, Thomas Jefferson burst on to the screen and Maggie said, “Oh!!! That’s the voice for Captain Hook!!!!”


She might be blonde and blue-eyed to my very brunette and brown eyes, but the girl has more in common with her mother where it really counts.

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