Still Stretching Out the Birthdays

Everyone seems to have the Monday blues today. This past weekend we celebrated Mike’s birthday and, as always, he stretched it out to the max because it’s a Doran tradition to stretch out birthdays.

Friday night we grocery shopped, brought the kids a pizza and slipped out for appetizers and margaritas before heading back home.

Saturday we took the girls out to breakfast and started a whirlwind day to celebrate Mike’s official birthday. Official birthdays around here get extra attention.

First up was shoe shopping, I know that seems a little odd… but Maggie needed new athletic shoes for biking, walking, etc. I needed new running shoes and Katie really wanted a new pair of Converse sneakers. Mike needed new work boots and had been eyeing a particularly fetching pair of black crocs (I’m serious… also, embarrassed) for most of the summer and decided to pick them up as a “Happy Birthday to me!” present.

After that it was off to a local fun park for miniature golf. We also gave Maggie some arcade time, she finally got to put all the YouTube videos on claw machines she’s been studying to good use. Nothing says “win” like $10 spent capturing a $2 stuffed animal, right? 😉

Katie and I spent our time accumulating prize tickets playing a few of the other games. Of course, that meant Mike was left to supervise Maggie taking her time figuring out how many prizes she could pick with all the tickets we acquired.

Then it was Doran against Doran in club-to-club combat on the mini golf course, 18 holes of pure competition. Maggie utilized her most professional stance carefully turning the golf club the wrong way and taking quick swings so she could get back to trying to coax a stray cat into being the new addition to our menagerie. Mike and I breathed a collective sigh of relief when the cat was able to stay just beyond Maggie’s grasp. Even with that she still managed to beat Katie by two strokes.

No doubt, I’ll pay for adding that last part into this post.

I’ll leave you to guess who won okay, I won, by several strokes after all, it was just a friendly, family game of mini golf.

After that we went to Mike’s favorite butcher shop so he could select a prime piece of meat to hit the grill Sunday evening. We procured two gorgeous tri-tips, because birthdays call for special meals! I wish I had taken pictures!

Then it was time to head home and freshen up for dinner, because birthdays call for at least one dinner out! We had dinner at a local grill and came home to watch movies with the girls.

Sunday, continuing the celebration, Mike and I slipped out for a bike ride, then home to grill those tri-tips with potatoes and fresh asparagus. We topped the meal off with Mike’s favorite, cheesecake, because birthdays require cake!

Birthdays are cool, but birthdays that fall on a weekend are even better!