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Birthday, Birthday…

What do you get when you layer fabulous hometown beer, grilled steaks, and triple chocolate mousse cake? An amazing birthday. Yesterday was my birthday, I’m inching closer to the big 4-0 and I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. It helps to have a wonderful husband who is 12 years older and has very little sympathy for me where the aging process is concerned.

Mike is going to be 50 this year and he still gets up every morning and wages a life or death struggle with his ridiculous cat. That is a man who is not going quietly into senility by any stretch. I really have very little room to complain about 40 looming out there, just two years away.

I also have to appreciate a man who will stretch my birthday into an entire weekend of celebrating. Our family is notorious for stretching out birthdays and my birthday was certainly no exception. We celebrated all weekend long and it was wonderful!!

Saturday we spent a few hours at Lengthwise Pub. We indulged in the Zeus Imperial IPA (probably the only IPA I actually enjoy) and some fabulous food. I also had a Truffle, Lengthwise Kern County Crude Porter mixed with their Raspberry Wheat. It made for a delightful, chocolate-y, coffee, raspberry, dessert beer. I’m a dark beer girl at heart so this was the ideal way to end our trip to Lengthwise.

Sunday morning we rolled out of bed and headed to a local breakfast spot, J&M’s Bar & Grill. Mike had the homemade corned beef hash and eggs with a side of biscuits and gravy. I had the eggs benedict and the girls had pancakes and french toast. The eggs benedict was really fabulous. I’m picky about my hollandaise sauce and this one fit the bill nicely. It was the ideal way to start the day of my official birthday.

We spent the day visiting some nurseries in town. Our weather has been so spring-like lately that we almost forgot it was still January. It was a great day just hanging out with family and enjoying a little sunshine and mild weather.

One of the highlights of my birthday was logging into Facebook and seeing all the sweetest, birthday wishes from friends and family. I am really blessed to know some amazing people and have some of the sweetest friends on the planet.

Sunday morning I found myself tagged on instagram with the sweetest birthday collage ever:

Birthday collage

Katie is the most thoughtful daughter a mom could ever want. Each one of these pictures is a really great memory for me. There is Katie’s first birthday up in the top right corner and the bottom slide is from a baseball game last summer. Needless to say, this was a really special and very thoughtful treat.

We ended my birthday with a fabulous dinner. Mike grilled gorgeous steaks and we had a great dinner with all the trimmings. My birthday cake this year was an amazing triple chocolate mousse cake. There really aren’t enough words to describe the decadence of that cake, it was truly a cake fit to cap off an amazing birthday weekend.

Of course, after all that weekend indulgence the girls and I were out first thing this morning for a 2 mile run. 😉

Now to figure out how to fill the next 11 months until my next birthday! 😉 We have lots of adventures planned this year so I bet it will fly by!

Happy New Year – Welcoming 2011

Sooo, it looks like Cabo San Lucas and St. Bart’s are the top hot spots for New Year’s for the A-listers this year. Those of us regular joes probably aren’t jetting off for Costa Rica vacations and are instead opting to stick a little closer to home on what my husband calls, “amateur drinking night.”

Our New Year’s eves are notoriously (ha) quiet and laid back. Not that we won’t make it to midnight. Although, I’ve completely given up on champagne as the last time I toasted I had a slamming headache within five minutes of finishing my one and only glass. Riding a migraine into the new year isn’t my idea of fun so I’ll probably stick to a nice dark beer or glass of red wine.

At any rate here we are at the start of another new year. Easter is just around the corner and summer vacation will shortly follow. It amazes me how quickly the years fly by the older I get. Still I’m not quite ready for winter break to be over since Monday’s arrival with signal a return to the daily grind. At least there are more than a few three-day weekends to look forward to.

Mike and I have plans for the next year. We’re going to start hitting the gym together and then try not to peer pressure one another into stopping for a pitcher of beer after. 😉 We also have some camping trips to plan and book sites for – family time is top on the priority list this year, especially with Katie half way through high school and Ethan in college. It makes a parent wonder where all the time has gone.

I’m really looking forward to spring and barbecues. We spend so much time outside in the spring and summer I’m already getting a good case of cabin fever since the weather has been almost unbearable with all the rain. It’s cleared up a bit but the weatherman promises the return of downpours by New Year’s day, Maggie’s 7th birthday. It was raining the day she was born so it seems only fitting for the rain to return on her birthday.

What are your plans for New Year’s eve? I hope you have wonderful plans for New Year’s and that your celebrations go off without a hitch, safely and splendidly. Happy New Year’s!

Where I Draw The Line —-

nordic-track-x5-incline-trainerThe commercial for the Nordic Track incline trainer torture device came on and Ethan started making fun of it. “Look, it’s a magic machine, it tones your ENTIRE body… OR… you could just go run up and down a hill, it’s CHEAPER!!!”

I said, “Look, it does tone your arms, you have to really HANG ON to that thing.”

And, I know that I would have to really hang on to those handles and my arms would be totally toned because OTHERWISE? The first time it started tilting up my ass would shoot off the back of that thing and plow right into Mike’s well-organized shelving system with it’s perfectly organized and well-stored rubbermaid totes.

Do you know what kind of havoc that would cause in my house?

Me, laying on the concrete garage floor, groaning in pain, worried I had broken something (again) or pulled something or was bleeding internally while Mike yelled at me for jacking up his garage, again.

You might ask, “Why would you point yourself toward the shelving system anyway?”

I’ll tell you, the other choices are extremely limited. First, I am not going to risk falling into the kegerator or Mike’s beloved shelves where he stores his fishing equipment, that, my friends, would be a fate worse than death.

Next option? Pointing my ass toward the work bench. That is INSANITY. The workbench has a DRILL PRESS, VICE, and POINTY TOOLS. And, Mike would bitch for DAYS about cleaning blood off the concrete floor.

Last option? The garage door itself.

And there is NO WAY I am going to let my neighbors see me shoot through my garage door and land in the driveway ass over tea kettle. No. Not going to happen. I draw the line at public humiliation.