This Fish Makes Christmas

This week I’m giving the history behind some of our family’s favorite Christmas ornaments. This guy is one of my favorites, he cracked me up the first time I saw him. A fish, specifically, a salmon – smoking a fat cigar and sipping a martini.

Smoked Salmon Christmas Ornament

I bought this for Mike several years ago and most years he refuses to put it away and hangs it on a push pin on the cork board above his desk. You see kids, every Christmas Mikey Claus smokes a big batch of salmon. It’s beautiful and without it Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas. Plus, late Christmas day it makes the most wonderful snack with crackers, cheese, and a big glass of wine.

It would have been ridiculous of me not to buy this ornament for him. The second I saw him I remembered Mike smoking a cigar stoking the coals in the smoker. And, every year when all the unwrapping and Christmas dinner chaos is clear and the house is settling in and quieting down after another fabulous family Christmas Mike makes martinis for the two of us and we dim the lights and enjoy the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.

I love ornaments that remind me of Christmas traditions, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “This Fish Makes Christmas

  1. PatriciaApplegarthKley

    We have a pickle that we hide…it became a tradition when we lived in North Carolina.  Hide the pickle ornament and see which child would find it first….They still do 20 years later!

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