Trick-or-Treating Part 2

Amy here, my daughter is back with a humorous look at trick-or-treating. I found it to be very funny. It’s not meant seriously, it’s meant to amuse you, if you have sense of humor. If you don’t, then you might not want to read it.

Remember that post I did about all the treats not to give out on Halloween? It seems as though some people in our neighborhood took that as a “what to do” list.

However, I was surprised with a few things I hadn’t previously gotten on Halloween, all of which will now be going on the list of things not to give out. Our neighbors decided that pencils, erasers, gum (not even the good kind), homemade handwash, oh wait I’m sorry Monster Snot Handwash, chips, temporary pumpkin-design tattoos, and stickers were all items that kids would love to find in their trick-or-treat bag. I genuinely wish I was joking.

Even worse than giving fake-you-out-treats, is not having an ounce of excitement or at least a smile for the kids. If you’re going to hand out anything, and take the time to go all out with your decorations, at least fake some amount of enthusiasm when trick-or-treaters come to your door. If you can’t handle that, just shut off the lights and don’t bother to decorate.

My dad was working the door all night, he smiled, joked with the kids, and complimented all the little princesses. Occasionally he’d open the door and say, “sorry guys we’re out of candy!” Then follow it up with a laugh and a handful of candy to each of the little ones.

However, my biggest complaint I had this year: the rule, practically the law of All Hallow’s Eve, is that if you have your porch light on, and/or your house is decorated, you are signaling that you have candy and will answer the door when kids knock or ring the doorbell. It’s a pretty clear policy, everyone should know it by now. Maybe my neighborhood just happened to miss that memo, because as we were walking around there were several houses that had their lights on and were clearly home, but didn’t bother to answer the door. Then there were even a few who had their house decorated, but didn’t answer the door. It became frustrating after going down a street where half the lights would be on, but only 3 houses would actually answer the door.

Though, there was a house that had gone all out with a fog machine, even had sounds that were connected to their lights in their house, and STILL answered their door even though it appeared they had been previously occupied with some, non-kid friendly activities, talk about dedication. But maybe the woman could have buttoned her shirt and possibly put on some pants…

At my house, we had the decoration up, lights going, silly Halloween music playing out the window, a bowl of candy right by the door, and someone keeping an ear out so that as soon as the doorbell was rung, the little trick-or-treaters would get their candy without having to wonder if we were home or not. And, my parents kept all the activities totally kid-friendly. ;)

Other than all of that, we had a great night, got a ton of candy, and shared some laughs. I hope everyone had a good, safe Halloween.

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