Trick-or-Treating Part 2

Amy here, my daughter is back with a humorous look at trick-or-treating. I found it to be very funny. It’s not meant seriously, it’s meant to amuse you, if you have sense of humor. If you don’t, then you might not want to read it.

Remember that post I did about all the treatsย notย to give out on Halloween? It seems as though some people in our neighborhood took that as a “what to do” list.

However, I was surprised with a few things I hadn’t previously gotten on Halloween, all of which will now be going on the list of things not to give out. Our neighbors decided that pencils, erasers, gum (not even the good kind), homemade handwash, oh wait I’m sorry Monster Snot Handwash, chips, temporary pumpkin-design tattoos, and stickers were all items that kids would love to find in their trick-or-treat bag. I genuinely wish I was joking.

Even worse than giving fake-you-out-treats, is not having an ounce of excitement or at least a smile for the kids. If you’re going to hand out anything, and take the time to go all out with your decorations, at least fake some amount of enthusiasm when trick-or-treaters come to your door. If you can’t handle that, just shut off the lights and don’t bother to decorate.

My dad was working the door all night, he smiled, joked with the kids, and complimented all the little princesses. Occasionally he’d open the door and say, “sorry guys we’re out of candy!” Then follow it up with a laugh and a handful of candy to each of the little ones.

However, my biggest complaint I had this year: the rule, practically the law of All Hallow’s Eve, is that if you have your porch light on, and/or your house is decorated, you are signaling that you have candy and will answer the door when kids knock or ring the doorbell. It’s a pretty clear policy, everyone should know it by now. Maybe my neighborhood just happened to miss that memo, because as we were walking around there were several houses that had their lights on and were clearly home, but didn’t bother to answer the door. Then there were even a few who had their house decorated, but didn’t answer the door. It became frustrating after going down a street where half the lights would be on, but only 3 houses would actually answer the door.

Though, there was a house that had gone all out with a fog machine, even had sounds that were connected to their lights in their house, and STILL answered their door even though it appeared they had been previously occupied with some, non-kid friendly activities, talk about dedication. But maybe the woman could have buttoned her shirt and possibly put on some pants…

At my house, we had the decoration up, lights going, silly Halloween music playing out the window, a bowl of candy right by the door, and someone keeping an ear out so that as soon as the doorbell was rung, the little trick-or-treaters would get their candy without having to wonder if we were home or not. And, my parents kept all the activities totally kid-friendly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other than all of that, we had a great night, got a ton of candy, and shared some laughs. I hope everyone had a good, safe Halloween.

17 thoughts on “Trick-or-Treating Part 2

  1. Sandi

    I laughed at the thought of the lady without pants on! I love the houses that go all out for Halloween, I bet yours is one of the houses that everyone loves to come to.

    1. AmyD.

      Judging from the sheer amount of trick-or-treaters and the giant bags of candy we went through – I think we might be a bit popular. We sure got a lot of compliments for our decorations and jack-o-lanterns. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I laughed my ass off at the woman answering the door. Katie really cleaned it up here, to hear her tell the story was pretty hysterical. I love Halloween, it’s all in good fun and I don’t think there is anything wrong with making a crack about getting a pencil or an eraser.

  2. Becky

    Everybody knows that the rule on Halloween is, if you have your outside lights on you have candy! Seth (he’s 7) got a box of raisins from one house and he was less than amused, but thankfully he remembered he has manners and still said thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    And kudos to the couple who were otherwise engaged for still answering the door…that’s Halloween spirit right there!

    Hope you’re still enjoying the candy ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. AmyD.

      My kids always say “thank you” and wish everyone a “Happy Halloween.” They never even really look at what they get until they get home anyway.

      I do have to say that the Monster Snot Handwash – while creative, isn’t going to be used because in this day and age – no matter how cute the wrapping, or if they list ingredients, I don’t know who these people are and they could have put ANYTHING into a plain white bottle.

      1. Stefanie

        Although I do understand your concern, I do operate a business where I make soaps, candles & bath and body products. I have been doing so since 2006. I am a mom of 6 & I can tell you that nothing harmful was put into that bottle. So I would be more than appreciative if you would remove or block my name & number out of that picture if that is how you see it. Thank you!

        1. AmyD.

          Hi Stefanie!

          I can completely understand your concern and I have removed the picture. I didn’t realize you could see that information so clearly and it was a total oversight on my part. It just is too bad that your friends and family couldn’t have been as polite in their comments. I deleted them because their comments didn’t go to me directly, they went to my daughter – who is a minor, given that you have 6 children – I sincerely doubt you would want them receiving the vile and profane comments that your friends were sending Kate. She’s a good kid and doesn’t deserve that sort of bullying and abuse.

          I don’t mind polite criticism and I rarely delete comments. But, I will not tolerate rude, abusive, bullying behavior. I’m sure as a mother – you understand.

          I really appreciate your taking the time to be so polite and civil in your response to this and I hope you know this post was written to be funny not to be an indictment of anyone’s Halloween treat giving abilities.

          Have a wonderful day!

  3. trishk

    OM gosh, in my day…(yeah sounds like something from the dark ages) if you did not hand out candy you could expect your house tp’d if not egged.

    The porch light on/off is a signal here. On..candy ready light off, we are done!

    1. AmyD.

      Exactly! I think it’s hilarious to read a kid’s account of Halloween. When do kids ever get to be funny and sound off on Halloween candy?

  4. J.O.

    Wish I could hear the full story. Some day I want all the details. Lol

    While I understand people giving homemade treats, I feel the same as you. It’s not really that I think you want to harm my child, I just don’t know what your kitchen looks like.

    Great job Katie! And shame on the grown adults who talk that way to minors!

    1. AmyD.

      It’s pretty sad, isn’t it? It seems like most of them have crawled back into their holes. Fortunately, I’ve already tracked them all down and know where they live, where they work, and where they went to school, Public Resources (aside from Facebook) are an awesome thing.

      What I’ve noticed is that the worst of them live out of town and that seems to make them more bold. Really… it just shows how cowardly they are. I’m sure they can all cackle on Facebook privately – but again, they’ve had to go private.

      What is really sad? Is that you can see how polite Stefanie was – clearly, she understands that as neighbors – we’re probably going to run into each other face to face, at the mailbox, or school, or store – we have to live near each other and like most neighbors, we need to consider that when there are differences. Her friends, obviously don’t care much about that – but then, they don’t have to live near her neighbors, so sadly, only two of us are going to have to act like grown ups here. Either way, I’m sure she wouldn’t tolerate (and neither will I) her children being treated the way her friends have attempt to treat my daughter.

  5. Kari

    It is very sad that some people have to turn into trolls, and think that just because they are “protected” behind a computer screen, that they do not have to have any common manners or decency. I know my mother would have had my hide if I behaved that way! Heck, she would STILL have my hide if she found out that I was acting as anything less than a polite lady, and I am a grown woman with 4 kids!

    I took Kate’s post to be exactly what it was intended to be. A fun, light hearted editorial on Halloween. I agree that even though the Monster Snot handwash is wonderfully creative (I even think I will use that theme next year for the pre-school kids) I do not allow my children to have anything handmade, edible or not, unless I personally know the person and have seen the inside of their house. I just cannot stand the thought of someone rolling out cookies on their counter, and not knowing if their cat has gone to the littler box, then walked across their counter a minute before hand. GROSS!

  6. Kari

    And let me pipe up to say – a big kudos to Stephanie for being polite and nice about the whole thing! Some people have class, and others clearly lack it.

    1. AmyD.

      You know what is really sad about this? All that needed to be done was a simple, polite email pointing out the issue with the picture, look at how simply stating that got the problem resolved. I’ll give Stefanie the benefit of the doubt because, given how polite she has been here – I don’t want to think of her as the kind of person who is inciting the sort of nasty, rude, bullying behavior I saw her “friends” exhibit today.

      NOT ONE of her friends mentioned the picture as the issue. NOT ONE. Instead they acted like common, trashy, internet trolls and attacked someone they didn’t even know calling names, using profanity, and threatening both myself and my kids. When all that was necessary was a simple, civil request like the one Stefanie made.

      Like I said, I am giving Stefanie the benefit of the doubt because I sincerely hope she wasn’t inciting this on Facebook while behaving another way here. Unfortunately, when you have a large group of friends, you can’t control how they choose to behave and you have to be careful how you choose to incite them. Hopefully, the friends of Stefanie’s who are still hitting this page – can see how real friends and ladies behave and conduct themselves in a public forum like this.

  7. Chickie

    As you know, I’m a huge fan of homemade soap (borderline addiction, maybe? lol) but I never let the boys keep anything handmade. Makes me worry too much.

    The porch light on! We had kids trying to trick or treat at 3 in the afternoon when they were on their way home from school – no costumes or anything.

    1. AmyD.

      The porch light, around here, is a big clue. Registered sex offenders have to have their houses completely blacked out, by law, on Halloween. My kids are taught not to go to any house that has all the lights off. I prefer they go to houses that have lights on and some sort of Halloween decoration.

      And, no… just because someone has their name and number on something, doesn’t automatically make it safe. Although, this post wasn’t about that either, it was simply meant to be a funny account from a kid’s perspective. People clearly take things far too seriously and as I pointed out before – most of these people seemed to lose sight of what Stefanie’s concern was – turning this into a character assassination instead of a privacy issue.

      Goes to show you – mob mentality never really pays off and usually ends up doing more harm than good.

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