Warning! This Post Might Induce Diabetic Coma

Cotton Candy and Pop Rocks - Willie Wonka SpeedballThat, my friends, is a bowl of cotton candy mixed with pop rocks. No joke. It’s Maggie’s creation or as she likes to call it, “Cotton Candy with a BOMB in it!”

I’m not sure what the inspiration was for our little mad scientist’s experiment, but I think I’d call it a success… maybe?

Mike called it, “Sugar on steroids.”

Kate sighed and shook her head. She’s beyond being surprised at the things her sister comes up with.

I cut right to the point and have christened it, “The Willie Wonka Speedball.”

Oh yes, we all tried it, there was little choice in the matter. There wasn’t going to be an escape option with a simple, “No, thank you!” Maggie was not going to hear of it. Not by a long shot. Mike flinched looking into the bowl and took a pinch. I’ve had a very long love affair with cotton candy since my first trip to the fair and to me, this was nothing short of blasphemy. Not that it stopped me from trying Maggie’s wild concoction.

It’s cotton candy… acts like cotton candy… until the point where the cotton candy begins to dissolve in your mouth, then it explodes like a spaceship rocketing into a diabetic coma.

I think we’ll save it for special occasions. I’m not sure what that might be, a John Belushi movie marathon? The once a year when we watch SNL Christmas special that has John Belushi as a drunken Santa?

Even better… I think it should be saved for a weekend when I’m out of town. Then they can go crazy with it.

Ironic Willie Wonka Meme