Cute Wreath for Pantry Door

Over the weekend Kate and I, the early risers of the household, left the house early headed for a caffeine fix and project supplies. The sky was an amazing blue and the sun was on full blast. It was a good morning to listen to the radio while sipping coffee and planning our attack on the post-Christmas craft store sale.

We spend far too much time in the craft store, admittedly. A 20 minute trip quickly turns into an hour and a half all too easily. We picked up two packs of Christmas cards for .25 each before we walked in the door.

The plan was to find some heart shaped cookie cutters and a couple of candle holders. The store was a schizophrenic mess with Valentine’s things over here, spring things over there, and Christmas mixed all throughout.

I came across a cute set of ceramic measuring spoons and had a pretty cute idea. I wouldn’t ever really use ceramic measuring spoons because I think they are really impractical no matter how cute. Instead I found a 14″ grapevine wreath and came up with a cute addition to my pantry door:

Wreath with measuring spoons

Measuring Spoon wreath close up

Once I got it in place I added this cute, heart shaped, cookie cutter just to make it a bit more seasonal.


The pictures don’t do this wreath justice at all. Eventually I’m going to need to do something about my lack of photography skills. I’m happy with the way the wreath turned out. I think it’s a little quirky and a lot of fun.

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